Here's a few of our FAQs to help with your experience. If you have a question that you don't find below, please drop us an email and we'll clarify.

What is a Star Map?

A Star Map shows a snapshot of the night or day sky of a particular date, time and location.  Astronomically speaking, quite a bit of information can be found on a Star Map, namely:

  • Star names

  • Constellation names

  • Planet names

  • Constellation lines

At Fifth House, we take an artistic view of the Star Map and include the Constellation Lines of the sky snapshot in your beautiful Star Map. A keen eye will be able to see the zodiacal constellations, planets and luminaries, like the moon and sun, on the map.

Are the Star Maps astronomically verified?

Yes. Fifth House uses Astronomy Software to produce your Star Map. Should you require a software printout with Star names, constellation names, planet names, constellation lines, ecliptic plane and celestial equator for verification purposes, this can be provided at an additional cost of R75 per Star Map. 

What if I don't know the time of my event? Can you still produce a Star Map?

If you don't know the exact time of your event, like the birth of a child, we can still produce a Star Map. But we would need to know if it was day or night, morning or afternoon. This helps us narrow down the position of the sun in your Star Map.

I have a very specific look in mind but don't see that design. Can you still help me?

Yes. Let us know what look you're going for and we'll replicate the design for you if possible.

What size is the poster?

The poster can be produced in three high resolution standard sizes, namely:

  • 8"x10"

  • A4

  • A3











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