The Launch of our Natal Chart Art!

Yippee! We're so happy to present our ALL NEW collection just before Christmas. Our little astronomy fairies have been working overtime to provide you with a personalised gift offer, like no other.

So what exactly is a Natal Chart? Well, for over 2000 years, our ancestors have looked up into the sky, and have contemplated our origins. Essentially, the Birth Chart is a map of what the sky looked like at your exact birth date and time. It shows you the positions of all the planets, key asteroids, the luminaries (sun and moon) and what the major aspects were between all these players in the sky. Ancients believed that the major placements had a bearing on who you would be in this lifetime, your personality traits, where your talents lie and where you are likely to find joy and success in this incarnation.

You don't have to be an astronomy/astrology fund to appreciate the beauty of the sky, and that is exactly what we'd like to convey through our new Natal Chart Art.

Our Birth Charts are drawn up using the Whole Sign method and include all major aspects. We hope to draw up a personal chart for you or a loved one this holiday season.

Fifth House

The Sky's The Limit

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